Apple’s iOS 14 may share iOS 13 iPhone compatibility list, here’s what it means – Hindustan Times

If you have been tracking Apple’s iOS updates, it might not be surprising to know that with every update Apple leaves an iPhone behind in its compatibility list. For instance, while iOS 11 and iOS 12 rolled out to iPhones until the iPhone 5S. The particular handset was left out in iOS 13’s compatibility list. However, it looks like this might not be the case this year when iOS 14 rolls out. According to a French website, iPhoneSoft, Apple iOS 14 may run on all those iPhones that are currently supported for iOS 13.

Naturally, the list should also include this year’s iPhone 12 series as well as the rumoured iPhone SE 2. If the report is true, the iOS 14 update will be coming to all these iPhones:

-iPhone 12 (rumoured)
-iPhone 12 Pro (rumoured)
-iPhone 12 Pro Max (rumoured)
-iPhone SE 2 (rumoured)
-iPhone 11
-iPhone 11 Pro
-iPhone 11 Pro Max
-iPhone Xs
-iPhone Xs Max
-iPhone XR
-iPhone X
-iPhone 8
-iPhone 8 Plus
-iPhone 7
-iPhone 7 Plus
-iPhone 6s
-iPhone 6s Plus
-iPhone SE

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That’s quite a long list. Also, if this is the case, then the update may also reach the iPod touch (7th-gen). However, the same cannot be said about the tablets. The report adds that the rumoured iPadOS 14 may not be there for the iPad Air 2 and mini 4. This leaves us with:

-12.9-inch iPad Pro
-11-inch iPad Pro
-10.5-inch iPad Pro
-9.7-inch iPad Pro
-iPad (7th generation)
-iPad (6th generation)
-iPad (5th generation)
-iPad mini (5th generation)
-iPad Air (3rd generation)

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Feature-wise, there’s absolutely no information as to what can one expect from iOS 14. Apple, like every year, is likely to introduce the new iOS version at its annual WWDC conference that happens in the US around June.

This is the first time we are hearing about iOS 14 this year so the information should be taken with a pinch of salt. We can only confirm once Apple itself reveals the OS version later this year.



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