Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air M2 is under $1000 in this Best Buy Black Friday deal – ZDNet

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What’s the Black Friday deal?

This 13.6-inch MacBook Air is $950, $150 less than its original price, at Best Buy right now. 

Why this deal is ZDNET-recommended

Apple’s MacBook Air ranks at the top of ZDNET’s list of best Macs of 2023 and as ZDNET’s 2022 product of the year. That’s thanks to its lightweight build, portability, impressive battery life, and high performance. You can reap all of the benefits of this computer at a significantly lower price thanks to this Black Friday deal on Best Buy. For a limited time, the 13.6-inch MacBook Air is $950, $150 cheaper than its normal price. 

If you are looking for a computer that will do the heavy lifting on video editing, look elsewhere. But for 95% of the other tasks you’d regularly use a computer for, the MacBook Air performs. “The MacBook Air continues to be the perfect Mac for someone who doesn’t do much more than web browsing, school or enterprise work in Office apps, and/or occasional video or photo editing,” ZDNET contributor Jason Cipriani writes

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The MacBook air comes in three sizes: 13.3 inches, 13.6 inches, or 15.3 inches. The battery life is a strong and sturdy 18 hours to last you well beyond your regular workday. Plus, with up to 2TB of storage, you can store photos, videos, and plenty of documents on the laptop before ever needing an upgrade. 

When ZDNET editor-in-chief Jason Hiner tried the MacBook Air out for himself, he was surprised by its workhorse capabilities. “I transferred monstrously large files, built multimedia-intense PowerPoints, rendered and compressed video files, and loaded up my three favorite Adobe Creative Cloud apps — Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I was very surprised to find that the machine never blinked, ” Hiner writes

ZDNET’s buying advice

If your old laptop is wheezing every time you open a few tabs and you’re ready to invest in a speedy and strong laptop like Apple’s MacBook Air, this is a great time to take advantage of the$150 off Best Buy discount. But jump on it quickly — it could be gone before you know it. 


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