Apple Still Working On iPhone ‘Glasses’ Based On Leaked Patent – International Business Times


  • Apple is working on a new pair of sleek augmented reality glasses
  • The company is also working on a “glasses” accessory for the iPhone
  • This device will let users have better viewing experiences with their iPhones

A new patent application reveals that Apple is still working on its iPhone “Glasses” – a head-mounted display device that will need the company’s popular handset to work.

While previous reports have shown that Apple is looking to create a standalone pair of smartglasses, a new patent application published recently by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that it is also working on a “Glasses” accessory for the iPhone.

The patent application, spotted by Patently Apple, is actually a continuation of earlier patents Apple applied for. It describes an electronic device that is worn on the user’s head.

The electronic device described in the patent is much like Samsung’s Gear VR in that it will need an iPhone to work and gives users an immersive viewing experience.

Apple iPhone Glasses Apple’s iPhone Glasses accessory. Photo: Apple/USPTO

The new patent application adds a few interesting things to the previously published patents. These include an accelerometer designed and configured to monitor the user’s head movements and control circuitry configured to determine input commands based on the user’s head movements.

The new components will work together to determine what kind of head movement the user makes, allow the user to assign certain responses to these kinds of movements and respond accordingly whenever the user moves his or her head.

For example, when the HMD determines that the user tilts their head (direction included), it will ask the user to assign a particular input command to the head tilt. The HMD will then perform the assigned action every time the user tilts their head.

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The patent application also adds two more components to the iPhone Glasses accessory: a touch sensor and a microphone.

According to the patent, users will be able to issue commands using the touch sensor, which is configured to receive touch input. The touch controls might come in the form of a “longitudinal touch sensor.” This is but one of the possible controls Apple might include in the device, alongside buttons, dials, switches, sliders and wheels.

Users will also be able to issue input commands simply by saying them. The microphone will detect voice commands, which will then be processed by the control circuitry.



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