Apple Should Turn This Device Into Laptop Replacement, Says Mark Gurman: 'The Days Of Purposely Holding Back The iPad Need To End'

Benzinga – by Ananya Gairola, Benzinga Staff Writer.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to launch new iPads on Tuesday, and according to a prominent tech journalist, the tech giant should focus on transforming them into genuine laptop substitutes.

What Happened: In the latest installment of his weekly “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman suggested that Apple should prioritize making the iPad a true laptop replacement. He argued that Apple has been taking half-measures in this direction and needs to make a firm commitment.

“From a business standpoint, there’s always been a fear that the iPad will cannibalize Mac sales if it gets too powerful. So what? Neither category is doing that hot right now,” Gurman said, adding, “Apple should just make the best iPad it can, while also making the best Mac it can. The days of purposely holding back the iPad need to end.”

According to Gurman, Apple has made some progress in this area, such as introducing the Magic Keyboard and trackpad. However, these changes were not enough to make the iPad feel like a laptop replacement.

He also mentioned that Apple’s attempts to improve multitasking on the iPad, such as the Stage Manager feature, have been unsuccessful. Moreover, equipping the iPad with Mac-level chips was largely a marketing exercise, the columnist said.

The tech analyst said Apple needs to clarify its vision for the iPad and make it as capable as a laptop, but in a form that tablet users prefer. He suggested that the Mac should be for consumers who prefer working on a traditional computer, while the iPad should be for people who want the option of a touch screen.

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“Now it’s time for Apple to take a stand. Does it want the iPad to be a half-baked laptop alternative or a real computing replacement,” he asked, and then stated, “Fixing the situation starts with making the high-end iPad range look more like their Mac counterparts. And that’s just what Apple seems poised to do.”

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Why It Matters: Apple’s upcoming iPad launch follows a significant overhaul of its iPad lineup. On Tuesday, the company plans to announce the launch of new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, ending an 18-month drought.

The new models, including 11-inch and 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro models with M4 chips, 11-inch and an enlarged 12.9-inch iPad Air with M2 chips, and updated Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories, are expected to be unveiled.

“It’s also high time for Apple to give the iPad a more intuitive and useful multitasking experience. If the company can pull that off — combined with the new hardware and a focus on AI — Apple could once again make the iPad feel like the future,” according to Gurman.

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