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For rivals Apple and Samsung, you could say that 2020 has ranked among the biggest years in the smartphone wars since the very beginning. The launches of Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup and Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series have been nothing short of game-changing. For the iPhone 12, Apple debuted high-speed 5G connectivity for the first time while also fully re-designing the iPhone form factor–marking the start of a “new era” for the iPhone, as Apple CEO Tim Cook put it in October. Meanwhile, for the Galaxy S20, Samsung also brought 5G to its full Galaxy S lineup for the first time and switched up its long-running naming convention–skipping from the Galaxy S10 all the way to the Galaxy S20–among other significant updates.

And the iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S20 battle has really only just begun, as the iPhone 12 was delayed past Apple’s usual launch timetable, and has still only been available for a few weeks at this point. These two smartphones represent a key matchup because they really are the models that are geared toward the widest audience in their respective lineups. In other words, they are the iPhone and the Galaxy phone for the most people. But if you’re a prospective buyer looking to compare the two devices–and you’re open to either iOS or Android as an operating system–which is the better fit for you? What follows is our comparison of the new Apple iPhone 12 vs Samsung’s Galaxy S20 on features, specs and price.

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