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Apple’s iPhone 12 launch is changing up the iPhone lineup in some big–and possibly lasting–ways. That includes re-designing the form factor, adding 5G connectivity and bringing OLED displays to all iPhone models. And there’s more: This fall, Apple is also introducing a brand-new model to the portfolio, with the iPhone 12 Mini. It’s part of Apple’s continuing effort to offer more iPhone choices, as smartphone sales growth remains more elusive than in the past. For the iPhone 12 Mini–which borrows the “Mini” branding in use with the Mac Mini and iPad Mini–the idea is to give buyers a second option for a smaller-screen iPhone. While the iPhone 12 Mini is not as compact or affordably priced as the iPhone SE, it’s still significantly smaller than all of the other iPhone 12 models–and comes with a lower price tag, too.

Likewise, Google has also been busy with its smartphone lineup recently, launching the budget-friendly Pixel 4a in August. If you’re looking for your next smartphone, and it’s come down to the iPhone vs Google Pixel, which of these two devices is the best fit? What follows is our comparison of Apple’s new iPhone 12 Mini vs Google’s Pixel 4a on specs, features and price.




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