Apple iPhone 12 display units in stores in China have their paints peeled off – gizmochina

Apple iPhone 12 units that were on display in stores in China have had their paint peeled off. Images of the latest flagship have been shared online with the device’s frame have lost its paint job in certain areas.


According to a TechSina report, a blogger named Lie Feng shared these images of the iPhone 12 unit in the official Apple offline stores. Looking at the images, we can clearly see the paint peeling off, which the blogger believes to be due to frequent touches. This holds true since the first weekend when the iPhone 12 went on sale had brought in a massive number of people to the stores who wanted to try out the device themselves.

Although, while it is understandable that a large number of people would have likely frequently held the device, the paint job being scuffed by just being used seems a bit odd. Furthermore, a series of tweets from Max Weinbach (@MaxWeinbach) had revealed that his new iPhone 12 Pro had cracked without him dropping or damaging the device in any way. The handset had a crack running along the frame and the camera module of the device.

The issue has since been resolved as Apple support has replaced the device. However, as per the leakster, the issue should not have occurred in the first place since these are “$1000+ phones we’re talking about, not $200 ones.” Meaning, we might soon be hearing more regarding the durability of the new flagship lineup. So stay tuned for more updates.

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