Apple finalizing deal with OpenAI for ChatGPT iPhone integration: Report – TradingView

Tech giant Apple is reportedly in the final stages of negotiating a contract with OpenAI to use ChatGPT features on the iPhone, according to people familiar with the matter.

If the plan goes through, ChatGPT will be implemented in Apple’s upcoming software update iOS 18, as per a May 11 Bloomberg report. It was noted that Apple also is in discussions with Alphabet Inc — the parent company of Google— regarding the potential integration of the Gemini chatbot. However, it was suggested that these discussions aren’t as advanced as those with Apple.

This comes amid speculation that Apple is ramping up efforts to establish its own artificial intelligence (AI) division.

On April 30, Cointelegraph reported that Apple has reportedly been recruiting experts from Google in an effort to build out its own team of AI and machine learning experts.

Apart from assembling teams of AI experts, Apple has also recently acquired two local AI startups in Zurich, Switzerland which led it to build a “secretive” laboratory in the area which it calls “Vision Lab.”


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