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“From the what to the how” was how Sumeet Puri, chief technology officer and solutions officer at Solace, began his introduction on the topic of “Creating better customer experience with enterprise IoT” with an observation: despite being an important technology trend he was quick to raise what nearly everyone will ask as well – why bother (implementing IoT)?

If you consider that things are working ok, businesses continue to move forward, why indeed change.

The reality, he continued, is that businesses have been disrupted. Customers want better experience. Things need to happen in real-time.

The good news is that organisations are not short on data to help them transact business and do analysis.

The bad news is that the data does not move as fast as the business, and customers, need it to be to meet the paradigm of instant expectation.

He proposed that to unlock its value, data needs to be set in motion as event streams. “As information flows you are able to do interesting things,” he suggested. Citing analysts like Gartner, he commented that the value of data, including events and information, diminishes over time.

“Decisions made closer at the time the data is created have the highest value,” he explained.

The imperative to set data in motion becomes even pronounced in the world of Internet of Things. Devices and sensors are increasingly being adopted into enterprise processes to capture data at the point of creation to enable faster and more accurate information gathering and decision-making.

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He cited the case of a supply chain that as it becomes digitized, expectations are for the cost will go down, the business to become more agile and customer experience to improve.

Click the video link here to watch Puri’s full presentation at the APACIoT vSummit.



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