Another Samsung Electronics' Software Executive Moves to Coupang – BusinessKorea

Another Samsung Electronics’ software executive has moved to Coupang.

An executive in charge of software at Samsung Electronics’ network division has recently submitted his resignation to the company to transfer to Coupang. The executive previously worked in the company’s wireless business division. He was promoted to an executive in 2017 and took part in the development of the Galaxy Fold which became very popular around the world thanks to its foldable screen.

Samsung Electronics officials were reportedly embarrassed by the news of his transfer. Their shock was even greater because it came less than a month after an executive in charge of artificial intelligence (AI) at the wireless business division left for Coupang. At that time, it was reported that the executive received 1.5 times his annual salary at Samsung Electronics plus a stock option.

The Samsung executives’ joining Coupang clearly reflects the ongoing scramble among technology startups and large companies over high-caliber IT developers. Given that the two are proven developers, Coupang must have actively attracted them with higher annual salaries, industry watchers said.


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