Anorexic woman so thin doctor says she could ‘play a living corpse in horror movie’

An anorexic woman who weighs the same amount as a four-year-old has been told by a doctor that she could get a part in a horror movie.

Kristina Karyagina, from Barnaul in south-central Russia, weighs just 2st 7lb (17kg) after stopping eating properly during her time at high school.

The 26-year-old has now been warned by specialist Dr Yan Goland that she could get a part as a ‘living corpse’ due to her emaciated condition.

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The doctor is treating Ms Karyagina for free, after reality TV star Maria Kokhno used her 520,000 Instagram fan base to launch a campaign on her behalf.

A former anorexic, Ms Kokhno, who starred in Doma-2, had previously undergone treatment by Dr Goland herself.

‘I know what it is like when someone puts a meal in front of you and you cannot eat it,’ the Instagram star said.

‘Even when you are aware that you are dying, you still cannot eat.’

Kristina Karyagina, ate something other than banana and apple for the first time in months (Picture: CEN/@marynova888)

Ms Karyagina stopped eating properly during her time at high school, where she lived off tiny chunks of banana and apple.

She went on to graduate from law school, but her illness escalated and she lost the ability to go outside of her apartment.

Ms Kokhno’s campaign helped to raise 110,000 RUB (£1,220) for Ms Karyagina and her mother to fly to Nizhny Novgorod, western Russia, for the specialised treatment.

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Dr Goland is then said to have asked his new patient: ‘Have you ever thought about playing a part in a horror movie? A living corpse perhaps?’

It’s reported that the specialist believes if Ms Karyagina can learn to laugh at her disorder then she will begin to find herself on the road to recovery.

And he could be right, as she managed to eat something other the small bites of fruit for the first time in months, during the second day of her treatment.

The 26-year-old weighs just 2.7 stone, roughly the same amount as four-year-old child (Picture: CEN/@marynova888)

‘Several days ago I saw my daughter eating kasha (a type of dry roasted grains) and I could not believe my own eyes!’ her mother Marina said.

‘Before that day, her daily diet included only a tiny piece of apple or banana, water and juice.’

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In a video upload of the milestone, Ms Karyagina can be seen afterwards taking a leisurely stroll with Ms Kokhno holding hands.

‘Today, Kristina ate for the first time since last year,’ Ms Kokhno tells the camera.

Ms Karyagina recorded a video where she thanked everyone who has helped her (Picture: CEN/@marynova888)

‘She now knows that anything is possible, it is very important.’

Ms Karyagina is already lighter than people who have died of anorexia in the past.

The illness can kill people who weigh around 40lb (18kg) to 56lb (25kg) by causing serious organ damage.

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Before starting her treatment, Ms Karyagina recorded a video where she thanked everyone who helped raise the money.

‘Hello everybody. I am planning to go to a hospital soon,’ she said.

‘I want to thank you for your moral and financial support. See you in Nizhny Novgorod.’


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