Angellica Bell on the best financial tip Martin Lewis ever shared with her

On Lewis’ best finance tip, Bell said: “When we started working together he would always say when I was thinking of buying something: ‘Do you need it?’”

“That really resonated with me because my grandad, who’s sadly not with us any more, always said to me: ‘The best bargains are the ones left on the shelf.’”

In her discussion with The Telegraph, Bell noted how joining the property ladder was the smartest financial decision she ever made.

She revealed: “Getting on the property ladder early – and making all the financial sacrifices while working at the BBC in order to achieve that.

“I’ve been able to move a few rungs further up the ladder as well. Also, I think spending within my means all my life has served me very well.”

Bell added: “I always like to make sure that I have a buffer of money to deal with any emergency that may arise. It’s not that I’m tight, mind – I like spending money on other people – but generally I’m a saver.”

Furthermore, Bell revealed she wants to see a greater distribution of wealth within the finance world as “you see so much wealth at the top and so little at the bottom and it’s just not right”.

Bell began her broadcasting career in 2000 as a children’s television presenter on CBBC, presenting shows on the channel for six years.

However following the pandemic, ITV commissioned a series of live special Coronavirus programmes to assist those affected by the economic downturn resulting from the pandemic.

From September 2020, these shows had become so popular that an extended run of live shows began to run during term times until Easter 2021.

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Alongside her work with Lewis, Bell presents financial services giant Legal & General’s Rewirement podcast.

As part of the show, Bell interviews retirees about how they have been enjoying their retirement, how they are prepared financially, and what their previous ideas and expectations of retirement were.

Regarding the podcast, the Legal & General website states: “At Legal & General, we understand that retirement offers the opportunity and freedom to enjoy life and go on some adventures.

“We believe that no two retirements are the same which is why we’ve found some retirees who are having the time of their lives in lots of different ways. In our new series you can listen to their stories.

“Angellica will also be joined by some expert guests, who will share their tips on things to think about when you’re planning your retirement adventures.”

Discussing Rewirement, Bell said: “Whatever age you are, the concept of retirement is always frightening, but if you start preparing now the fear factor is completely minimised.

“The earlier you do it, the better. You never know what the future holds. My husband was, like me, a TV presenter for years, but he’s now a primary school teacher and that has really opened my eyes up to how pensions work.”

Legal & General’s Rewirement podcast presented by Angellica Bell is available on Spotify, Apple and other podcast platforms.



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