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Andrew Duplessie is an author, an entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of Tipster (the company was acquired in 2019). Andrew shares advice with entrepreneurs and startup founders venturing into the world of web3.

If there is one thing entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they are all willing to try. The entrepreneurial mind gravitates towards ideas, creativity, and a will to turn an idea into an enterprise. Andrew Duplessie has these qualities in spades. “It’s tough to summarize my journey as an entrepreneur. All I can say for sure is that I’ve embarrassed myself enough that I’m sort of numb to it. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Release a product. Don’t hold it like a jewel. Take the tough feedback and use those early data points to develop something important.” 

​Still in his 20s, Duplessie has dabbled in acting, appearing as a co-star on the wildly popular show American Horror Story, he founded Tipster, a company incubated through Stanford University’s StartX program aimed at building next gen tech products, he’s accumulated over half a million followers on Instagram + Tiktok who read his popular horror stories, and sold his tech startup at the age of 26.

Duplessie uses his online rapport to get direct feedback and data around certain ideas percolating in his mind. “When I pitch an idea to an investor, I know in advance that I’ve got the feedback and data points via testing through social media” says the former Founder-In-Residence at Science Inc., a venture capital firm focused on solving everyday problems.

When it comes to web3, Andrew has given everyone his top 3 ways startups can prepare for this major change.

1) “DeFi” (Decentralized Finance). Lower fees and no intermediaries. Payments are changing. Entrepreneurs should consider equipping their customers with the ability to connect their crypto wallet and pay (metamask, formatic, etc.)

2) “NFTs” (non fungible tokens). A unique and non-interchangeable unit of data recorded on the blockchain. If you run a business that has a membership model, they need to take a hard look at NFTS. How can they monetize their audience or customers by minting an NFT collection that allows access to unique experiences and value.

3) “DAO” (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Not governed a single entity, instead of a community-run protocol. Instead of traditional fundraising and incorporating, are their next LLC actually a DAO?

In an interview with Cheddar, Andrew Duplessie was asked to discuss how the metaverse will impact the future of socialization and business, to which he replied:

“If I’m doing anything right now, I’m jumping into that ecosystem, and I’m testing it. I’m seeing what people think,” said Andrew.

Duplessie advises modern business owners and entrepreneurs to acquaint themselves with the web3 terminology.  

More information about Andrew Duplessie is available on his official Twitter account.

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