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To ensure continuous security and compliance as software containers are deployed, Anchore delivers a policy-based container security workflow and compliance platform for federal and enterprise DevOps and security teams. New features in Anchore Enterprise 2.4 focus on scanning, security, vulnerabilities and operations: 

  • Support for virus scanning of containers, allowing customers to look for malware as part of their CI/CD workflow or before deployment from a registry.
  • Security reports have been expanded to allow users to compare two different container images, enabling developers to more easily spot issues in their applications from issues in the base operating system.
  • Vulnerability detection has been improved with support for a “hint” file which can prompt for detection of security issues in explicitly declared libraries, useful for language types like Go which don’t support a formal package management system.
  • Several operational improvements for larger deployments, such as better resource allocation among processes and automated ways to delete large sets of images from the system.

“With the addition of Anchore to the Red Hat Marketplace, we are positioned to improve the way teams and organizations improve security across the SDLC and provide complete container security and compliance solutions to an even greater audience,” remarked Anchore CEO and Co-Founder Saïd Ziouani. “We’re excited to partner with Red Hat and accelerate the growing demand for Anchore’s container security workflow capabilities.”

Built in collaboration with Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace delivers a hybrid multicloud trifecta for organizations moving into the next era of computing: a robust ecosystem of partners, an industry-leading Kubernetes container platform, and award-winning commercial support—all on a highly scalable backend powered by IBM. A private, personalized marketplace is also available through Red Hat Marketplace Select, enabling clients to provide their teams with easier access to curated software their organizations have pre-approved.

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“We believe Red Hat Marketplace is an essential destination to unlock the value of cloud investments,” said Lars Herrmann, senior director of technology partnerships, Red Hat. “With the marketplace, we are making it as fast and easy as possible for companies to implement the tools and technologies that can help them succeed in this hybrid multicloud world. We’ve simplified the steps to find and purchase tools like Anchore Enterprise version 2.4 that are tested, certified and supported on Red Hat OpenShift, and we’ve removed operational barriers to deploying and managing these technologies on Kubernetes-native infrastructure.”

Red Hat Marketplace is designed to meet the unique needs of developers, procurement teams and IT leaders through simplified and streamlined access to popular enterprise software. All solutions available through the marketplace have been tested and certified for Red Hat OpenShift, allowing them to run anywhere OpenShift runs. A containers-based approach helps ensure that applications can be run and managed the exact same way, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure. This gives companies the flexibility to run their workloads on premise or in any public or private cloud with improved portability and confidence that their applications and data are protected against vendor lock-in. Moreover, by combining Anchore Enterprise with Red Hat Openshift, agencies and enterprises are further protected by ensuring security best practices are applied from “code to cloud.”  

About Anchore
Anchore, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, CA, was founded in 2016 by Saïd Ziouani and Daniel Nurmi to help organizations implement secure container-based workflows using Anchore Engine and Anchore Enterprise. With Anchore, DevSecOps teams establish policy-based approaches to container compliance without compromising velocity. Customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small- and mid-sized customers. Anchore is trusted by modern software development companies across the globe. Follow Anchore on Twitter or connect with Anchore on LinkedIn.

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