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If you’ve waited for the right time to purchase an iPhone 12 and you live in the United States, this is pretty much the best moment to get one.

And it’s all because Verizon has launched an offer that you can hardly say no to, as it lets customers to buy an iPhone 12 and get another one for free. There’s a small catch though.

In theory, Verizon offers this huge offer for pretty much any model in the iPhone 12 series, so you can choose from the standard model, the mini, the Pro, and the Pro Max. But the second model you’re supposed to be getting for free is discounted by $800, so in theory, if the additional iPhone you choose costs more than that, you need to pay the difference.

iPhone 12 mini, the only model not matching expectations

But on the other hand, if you go for the base iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini, then you don’t need to pay anything, so the device comes completely free of charge.

Verizon also offers other payment options, and for example, you can upgrade to the iPhone 12 and get a discount of up to $400 if you trade-in the device you’re upgrading from. On the other hand, if you want to do a full trade-in, the company offers up to $750 towards the purchase of a new iPhone 12.

Data coming through unofficial channels indicate the iPhone 12 is so far selling strong, with the mini described by several sources close to the matter as the only model that fails to reach the expectations.

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As a result, Apple has even lowered the production capacity for the iPhone 12 mini, instead choosing to boost the manufacturing of the Pro and Pro Max models which are selling in bigger volumes.



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