Amid Legal Troubles, Trump Finds Himself Campaigning Against Biden And Haley During Critical Weekend

© Reuters. Amid Legal Troubles, Trump Finds Himself Campaigning Against Biden And Haley During Critical Weekend

Benzinga – by Bibhu Pattnaik, Benzinga Staff Writer.

The 2024 presidential race is heating up with former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley emerging as central candidates.

Grappling with legal challenges, Trump is spearheading a vigorous primary campaign, reported CNN. Biden and Haley are also actively campaigning, indicating a dynamic race ahead.

Amidst Trump’s legal entanglements, including a recent $83.3 million defamation judgment against him, he has remained focused on pivotal states like Nevada. Conversely, Biden is campaigning in South Carolina, a crucial state for the Democratic nomination. Haley, meanwhile, has continued her efforts to challenge Trump’s viability as a candidate, attempting to position herself as a formidable contender in the Republican primary.

As Trump’s only remaining rival in the GOP primary, Haley is making a significant stand in South Carolina, leveraging Trump’s legal issues and public statements to argue his potential weakness in the November elections. Despite polling behind Trump, her campaign has seen a surge in fundraising and public support, according to CNN.

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“Donald Trump wants to be the presumptive Republican nominee and we’re talking about $83 million in damages,” Haley said Friday on X. “We’re not talking about fixing the border. We’re not talking about tackling inflation. America can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

Trump and Biden are approaching this weekend as a critical juncture in their general election campaigns. Trump has been trying to leverage his court appearances to boost his image, while Biden is working to consolidate support in key Democratic states.

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