AMD launches Ryzen 7020 series chips for mobile in India | Science … – Ommcom News

New Delhi:  Chipmaker AMD on Monday launched the new Ryzen 7020 Series and Athlon 7020 Series Processor lineup for mobile in India, which are meant to power lower-cost and lower-powered “everyday laptop” devices.

The company said the Ryzen and Athlon 7020 Series Processors for mobile will deliver excellent everyday performance and up to 12 hours of battery life so users can get the most out of their laptops.

“In 2023, in partnership with our OEMs, AMD will deliver high performance, affordable laptops based on the 6nm ‘Zen 2’ enhanced architecture to provide improved efficiency for work, play, and connectivity,” Vinay Sinha, Managing Director, Sales, AMD India, said in a statement.

Moreover, built on TSMC’s (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) advanced 6nm manufacturing technology, the new series of processors for mobile will offer the perfect balance of speed, style and endurance.

With smart battery management and dedicated video and audio playback hardware, systems featuring the new processors are ideal for video conferencing and collaboration, office productivity and multitasking, according to the company.

Further, the chip-maker mentioned systems featuring new processors are Windows 11 ready and feature a Microsoft Pluton security processor for full support of Windows 11 security features.

The new processors also come with a new modern platform and advanced technology support, including Modern Standby, Wake-on-Voice, and Fast Charging.



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