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Federal officials have recommended overturning the outcome of the union elections at the warehouse in Alabama and giving retailers the opportunity to reverse their defeat, according to people familiar with the matter.

After losing the April elections, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Stores Union appealed the results to the National Labor Relations Board, and in May launched a controversial hearing led by NLRB hearing officer Kerstin Myers.

The union, in terms of surveillance cameras, pressured workers to intimidate the anti-union by Amazon, dismiss employees for distributing union cards, and vote for mailboxes installed by the company in tents on the premises. I accused him of calling. Amazon has denied cheating.

Mr Myers recommended that the elections be held again, people who asked for the recommendations not to be identified because they haven’t been published yet, said. The recommendations are reviewed by the Regional Director of the Labor Relations Commission, and Amazon reserves the right to appeal the decision to the NLRB Panel in Washington. If a new election is called, it can happen later this year.

RWDSU president Stuart Appelbaum said the union provided “convincing evidence” that e-commerce companies tried to interfere with the elections.

“The question of whether to form a union should be a worker’s decision, not an employer’s decision,” Aperbaum said in a statement Monday. “Amazon has been deceived, captured and held accountable.”

Amazon representatives did not immediately comment on the news of the decision.

The ruling is a blow to Amazon, but there is no guarantee that the union will win the second round. While the pandemic hampered RWDSU’s first campaign, union members aren’t selling well in Bessemer, Alabama, and Amazon’s $ 15 / hour starting wage is much higher than in big cities. The company also offers health benefits that many local employers do not offer.

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In addition, Amazon can be expected to carry out the same fierce campaign as last time. Holding mandatory “briefing sessions” with employees, managers argue that unions do not always improve wages and profits. Such a direct appeal may have helped the company win easily last time. Of the more than 3,000 ballots, Amazon received 1,798 votes and 738 in favor of the union. Federal authorities set aside 505 disputed ballots, but according to the union, most of them were disputed by Amazon, but not enough to change the outcome.

Amazon union election should be re-run, labor official says – Press Enterprise Source link Amazon union election should be re-run, labor official says – Press Enterprise



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