Amazon launches smart soap dispenser with timer to make sure you wash for 20 seconds

Amazon smart soap dispenser


Amazon recently launched a smart soap dispenser that helps you make sure you’re washing your hands right.

The $54.99 soap dispenser has lights on the top that slowly count down 20 seconds, so you know if you’ve washed your hands for the CDC-recommended minimum amount of time. It also works with Amazon Echo devices, which means you can set an Echo speaker to play music, tell you the weather, a joke, or something else every time you wash your hands.

It doesn’t appear to offer Amazon’s Dash replenishment service, which can automatically order more of a product — in this case soap — when it knows levels are running low.

Amazon smart soap dispenser


Other companies are also offering ways for people to wash their hands for the CDC-recommended minimum amount of time. The Apple Watch, for example, can detect when you’re washing your hands and will automatically start a countdown timer.

Amazon says the smart soap dispenser has 3 months of battery life, after which it can be recharged through a microUSB port on the back. It begins shipping Aug. 4.

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