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Black Friday Sales are in full swing, but Amazon continues to make the best deals for its products. The newest item to be included in Amazon’s Black Friday 2019 Sale is the Blink Security Camera.

The all-new Blink XT2 Wireless Security Camera, which is bundled with a free Echo Dot Wireless Smart Speaker, is available now for only $74.99 for its 1-Camera Kit package.

Read on below for more details regarding Amazon’s Black Friday 2019 Sale for the Blink XT2 Wireless Security Camera.

What is Blink Security Camera?

Blink Security Cameras are your all-around home security camera system, which you can install anywhere around your house. Designed for both elegance and functionality, Blink security cameras are sturdy enough to be installed outside the house, while also fitting in indoors. They could last for two years before they need to change their AA Lithium batteries.

The free Echo Dot that comes with the camera kit allows users to have their smart devices display whatever the cameras are recording at any given moment. You can use Alexa via the Echo Dot to have devices play clips, control playback, view live streams, or even disable the security cameras when necessary.

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The cameras capture videos at 1080p HD, with an infrared HD night vision for coverage after dark. All the videos are stored for free in the cloud, which makes deleting old videos to make space for new ones obsolete.

They are also equipped with motion detectors that you could set to notify you of any activities they sense. The Blink security cameras also have two-way communication, allowing you to speak with anyone near the security camera.

Finally, Blink security cameras are known for their ease of use. No technical knowledge is required, they’re easy to set up. No tools, no wiring.

Amazon Black Friday 2019 Blink Security Cameras Sale

During this Black Friday 2019, Amazon is offering its Blink Security Cameras at the lowest price these items have ever been.

A stand-alone Blink Indoor 1 Camera System is now available for as low as $59.99 (from $79.99), while the new Blink XT2 Camera System is available for $79.99 (from $99).

The Blink XT2 Camera System comes with a Free Echo Dot for your home use, which is brimming with features going beyond your home’s security system. Add an additional camera to your package for only $50 for each additional camera, with up to 5 Cameras per order.

Meanwhile, existing Blink users can purchase a single additional camera for only $54.99 (from $69.99).

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Match your Blink XT2 Security Cameras with camera mounts, which are available in packs of 3 for $19.99. An optional Blink Sync Module is available for $50.00, which is perfect in extending the value and functionality of your Blink security cameras.

Blink Camera Mount

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Blink Security Cameras are for those who want to invest in their home’s security. It’s an advanced way to keep track of activity inside and outside of your house.

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