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There has been a new development regarding Silk Road Bitcoins (BTC) seized by the US Department of Justice DoJ. According to the claims made by an analytics firm, there are still millions of dollars worth of tokens allegedly associated with the Silk Road site, which is not currently operating.

An analysis firm named Coinfirm shared a new claim regarding the Silk Road incident involving the US Department of Justice. In the past months, the Ministry announced that a hacker known as Individual X was giving up $ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin in cooperation with them. According to the new claims made by the Coinfirm company, there are still balances waiting to be used in the forked addresses of Individual X.

Approximately 70 thousand BTC was seized

The US Department of Justice announced its collaboration with Individual X on November 5 and announced that it seized $ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin. As part of the incident, 69,370 BTC worth more than $ 1 billion was seized. However, at the time of the incident, the Ministry also confirmed that there were approximately 69,370 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) in Individual X’s account, according to a website.

The analysis firm Coinfirm made a new claim about the incident. Accordingly, the US government did not conduct the investigation duly. As part of its allegations, Coinfirm shared that government officials did not actually interfere with the access of those who had access to the private keys of the address in question. Coinfirm did not share all the details about the file, but some of the assets allegedly untouched by DoJ are as follows:

  • 69,3701 Bitcoin Diamonds (BCD), currently ~ 310k dollars
  • 69,370 Super Bitcoin (SBTC), currently ~ $ 66K
  • 69,370,114 Bitcoin Private (BTCP), currently ~ $ 11K
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It is known that the person named Individual X, who collaborated with DoJ, has not been sentenced to any penalties related to the incident. It is not yet known whether Coinfirm’s claims are true and whether Individual X will receive any penalty depending on the accuracy of the claims.



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