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All about China's 'monster ship,' the world's largest coastguard vessel, that has anchored in the South China Sea

The Philippines Coast Guard has successfully tracked and challenged the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) ship 5901 after it anchored in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Philippines. The ship was spotted in the South China Sea. Further, this ship is considered to the largest coastguard ship in the world and even larger than all most all of the US Coast Guard ships. It is said to be larger than even some of the regular ships of the US Navy fleet too. This deployment is yet another aggressive step taken by the Chinese and is being perceived as an act of intimidation and an utter disregard for international maritime law.

About CCG 5901:

The CCG 5901 is 541 feet long and has a displacement of 12,000 tons. It is said to thrice the size of US Coast Guard vessels. With the exception of a US Coast Guard ice breaker, this Chinese ship is bigger than all the coast guard ships of the US. It is also larger than some ships which are part of the regular US naval fleet. For example, the Arleigh Burke class destroyers of the US Navy displace 9700 tons and is about 35 feet shorter than the CCG 5901.

The ship is also known to have more firepower as compared to its counterparts in the US. it has two main 76.2 millimeters guns. The US Coast Guard Ships have only one main 57 millimeters gun to tackle threats in the high seas. The Chinese ship which is part of its Coast Guard is one of the two major ships which are critical to ensuring its maritime security.

Chinese aggression in the South China Sea:

The Chinese have been aggressive in the region which it considers as part of its maritime territory. The Philippines has been facing continuous threats from the Chinese due to the latter’s aggression. China has stopped fishermen from Philippines from carrying out various economic activities in the region.


What is the Economic Exclusive Zone?
It is defined in various maritime laws. It is that part of a country’s maritime area in which it has exclusive jurisdiction over the resources beneath it. The country has to allow the free passage of other ships provided it is not carrying out any arms.What does the 1982 New York Agreement on law of seas indicate?
This has been adopted by the United Nations Convention on Law of Seas (UNCLOS). It defines the maritime space under the jurisdiction of the respective coastal states.

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