Aliens from more than 1,700 stars may have already spotted us, scientists announce

Jackie Faherty, an astrophysicist and senior scientists at the museum, said: “Gaia has provided us with a precise map of the Milky Way galaxy, allowing us to look backwards and forward in time, and to see where stars had been located and where they are going.”

The scientists identified a total of 2,034 star systems passing through this Earth Transit Zone over a 10,000 year period.

Of these systems, 117 objects were found within 100 light-years of our Sun.

Even more excitingly, 75 of these 117 bodies have seen the Earth transit since commercial radio zones began broadcasting signals into outer .

Dr Faherty said: “Our solar neighbourhood is a dynamic place where stars enter and exit that perfect vantage point to see Earth transit the Sun at a rapid pace.”


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