Airport chaos with thousands of Brits stuck in huge queues as eGates go down at Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh

FUMING Brits have been stuck in long airport queues AGAIN across the UK as eGates stop working at Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh

Travellers have been hit by huge queues in recent months when travelling through UK airports, due to a combination of extra Covid checks and a shortage of Border Force staff.

Passengers at Heathrow Airport have been hit by more queues this morning.


Passengers at Heathrow Airport have been hit by more queues this morning.

One person shared a video this morning, commenting: “Unbelievably long queues for immigrations @HeathrowAirport this morning. Just as we approach easing of border controls! You can do better @UKBorder.”

Another person said: “@HeathrowAirport There must be approx 2500 pax in your T3 Immigration queue this AM.

“Multiple scheduled flights from non UK/EU/US countries and I counted approx 6 processing officers and several closed Customs counters. Not a good first impression.”

Passenger George also said it took him “five seconds” to get through passport control at Dubai, but more than 2.5 hours at Heathrow, adding: “We can clearly see that there are not enough Border Force staff to attend to the number of passenger queuing.”

Traveller Jaspreet said: “Landed at @HeathrowAirport . The immigration queue is about a kilometer long, not joking. And moving at 2 hours per km.”

Documentary maker Louis Theroux, who was travelling through Heathrow, called it a “human logjam”.

Another passenger said: “Shocking queues at Terminal 5 this morning! Why aren’t the e-gates open?! Like arriving in a third world country.”

A Heathrow Airport spokesperson confirmed there was also a problem with the eGates: “We’re aware of a systems failure impacting the e-gates, which are staffed & operated by Border Force.

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“This issue is impacting a number of ports of entry and is not an isolated issue at Heathrow. Our teams are working with Border Force to find a solution as quickly as possible.”

Edinburgh Airport also confirmed: “Border Force colleagues are working to rectify an IT issue which is resulting in delays for arriving passengers. Passengers will still be able to pass through the Border but this will take a little longer than usual while the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience.”

There are approximately 270 eGates across the UK which allow faster travel across the border.

Earlier this month, passengers reported five-hour long queues with people fainting in the queues and even being forced to breast-feed young kids.

The chaos spread from London Heathrow to Manchester and Luton Airport as well.

Sun-starved British families flocked to airports earlier this week following major changes to the travel rules which has seen the green and amber lists scrapped.

Holiday bookings rocketed to three times the normal rate in a mad scramble to nab getaways after the amber list and expensive PCR tests were scrapped.

Many said they were forced to queue for hours


Many said they were forced to queue for hours
Holiday chaos as queues hit Heathrow, Manchester AND Luton – with 5-hour waits and passengers fainting



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