Airlines are causing chaos in cabins due to ‘exit envy’, says etiquette expert – here’s three ways to avoid it

AN ETIQUETTE expert has slammed airlines for causing chaos in plane cabins due to “exit envy”.

It’s no secret that everyone wants to be the first off the plane as soon as it lands, but more often than not it creates total carnage between passengers.

Passengers are often rushing to be the first off the plane


Passengers are often rushing to be the first off the planeCredit: Getty

With nobody wanting to be stuck on their flight for longer than they have to, a near-on stampede ensues almost every time.

But while some people may have valid excuses, others don’t.

Nick Leighton, an etiquette expert and co-host of the weekly etiquette podcast “Were You Raised By Wolves?”, said there are people who try to exit first under false pretences.

“Pretending they have a short connection or creating some other faux-urgent need,” he told USA Today. “This is rude.”

In fact, 58% of travellers surveyed by Kayak said passengers should not rush to get off the plane, even if they have a tight connection.

But it is those tight connections which are causing the chaos.

Airlines are largely responsible for the mad stampede off the plane, operating “hub-and-spoke” flights that require a connection, and then they often schedule the connections too close together.

As a result, that makes passengers nervous and ready to bolt the moment the plane lands.

However, there are three ways to avoid “exit envy” – while also being polite.

Jodi RR Smith, an etiquette consultant, said the politest way is to enlist the aid of the flight attendants.

If it’s a good enough reason, they’ll make an announcement and allow you to move towards the exit ahead of anyone else.

“They’ll verify if it’s a legitimate request and ask passengers to allow the connectors to exit first,” Jodi explained to USA today.

Another strategy that works, and the one that is most blatantly obvious, is to just buy a ticket closer to the exit door(s).

Granted, these are often more expensive, but it would save a lot of stress if you have a connecting flight to catch as you’re guaranteed to be one of the first out the plane.

The final tip for exiting a plane early is to not forget your rights.

If you do miss your connection, then your airline will put you on the next available flight at no extra charge, assuming your connection is on the same itinerary.

Your airline should also cover your hotel, meal and transportation expenses (although it depends on where you are and which airline you’re on) if you have to spend the night at the airport.

Your airline can’t just abandon you at the terminal.

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