After WhatsApp, Facebook to roll out new “vanish mode” feature – BusinessLine

Social media site is ready to roll out the feature of disappearing messages, after its introduction  on WhatsApp. The new feature will disappear the messages once the receiver reads in their chat and closes the window, as per media reports.

Facebook announced the rollout of the new feature in a statement.

Facebook stated that the feature has been designed to help users “be in the moment, and  share with close friends and family without worrying about your chats sticking around.” 

Facebook mentioned that the feature is best suited for memes, GIFs, stickers, or reactions  that users don’t want in their chat history after the conversation is over.

For the new feature, users will have to swipe up on the phone in an existing chat thread  to be on the vanish mode. If the user swipes up again, they will return to regular chat. The feature will be elaborated in the app so as to make people understand how it works.

The company noted that in order for the user to send vanishing messages, both the sender  and the receiver will have to activate the feature.

The new feature will make its entry first in the United States (US) and to some European Union  countries.  

Meanwhile, sister companies, including WhatsApp and Instagram, have already started rolling  out the feature.


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