Afghan Youths’ ‘E-Watch App’ Competing In GIST – TOLOnews

A group of youths in Kabul have developed an application with a certain function on election transparency and the application has reached the semi-final stage of the GIST Tech-I Competition.

The E-Watch application was completed last year and can help in holding a transparent election in a country like Afghanistan.
The GIST Tech-I Competition is an annual event for science and technology entrepreneurs from emerging economies worldwide.
Aspiring innovators submit their ideas and startups online which are then reviewed by experts before they enter a global public vote to pick the top entrepreneurs who compete in the Tech-I finals.
The Global Innovation through Science and Technology initiative (GIST) is a US government program on innovation and entrepreneurship. The program assists business people to establish startups.
GIST participants in 135 emerging economies can develop skills, build networks, find mentors, and access financing through a combination of in-country training, a pitch competition, interactive online programming, and direct connections to US experts.
The next target of the Afghan youths is to develop software for fighting corruption.
“This application can bring transparency to elections and also it can speed up the process,” said Farshad Mirzaee deputy of MEND Afghanistan, a youth-driven institution in Kabul, working for economic and social development.  
Mizaee said they will develop their next application for fighting corruption if the E-Watch application succeeds to reach the final round of the competition among 24 winning applications. 


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