Adobe introduces Acrobat AI Assistant with improved document efficiency for enterprise customers – The Indian Express

Adobe on Wednesday, announced that it is making the Acrobat AI Assistant available for Enterprise customers. The features of the Acrobat AI Assistant will be available through an add-on subscription to Reader, Acrobat enterprise, and individual customers across desktop, mobile, and web. 

Adobe said that Acrobat AI Assistant comes with deeply integrated Acrobat workflows and it is a generative AI-powered conversational engine that can be deployed within a few minutes. Backed by AI, the tool almost instantly unlocks new levels of document productivity for all across the enterprise.

“For more than three decades, PDFs and Adobe Acrobat have been a cornerstone of communication and collaboration in the enterprise and with generative AI, we’re redefining productivity for every single employee,” said Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud. 

The company claims that with the help of Acrobat AI Assistant, employees can produce high-quality insights that they can verify with intelligent citations and quickly create emails, reports, presentations, and more. Adobe has asserted that all the features are governed by data security protocols and that no customer document content will be used to train the LLM on which the Acrobat AI Assistant operates. 

When it comes to productivity, the Adobe executive said that the Acrobat AI Assistant ‘dramatically reduces’ time spent reading and searching for information, allowing users to develop insights faster and cut down on time spent creating content. 

The power of Gen AI

Festive offer

Adobe’s new generative AI capabilities, first launched in beta earlier this year, have been helping millions of users enhance their productivity with documents. The most prominent features of this include, AI Assistant that lets users chat with PDFs and other types of documentsmoreover the assistant also recommends questions and provides answers based on a document’s content through a conversational interface. 

The AI assistant also helps with generative summaries that let users get an instant understanding of the content inside long documents through short easy-to-read summaries. Moreover, users can also verify the source of the AI Assistant’s answers through intelligent citation, Adobe’s custom attribution engine. 

The interface also comes with clickable links to allow employees to instantly locate the information they are looking for in long documents. Besides, the AI Assistant also helps with compelling content which essentially consolidates and formats information into top takeaways, ideal for emails, presentations, reports, blogs, and more. Users can create and share content using the ‘copy button’.

Starting today, early access pricing is available to enterprise customers in Reader and Acrobat on desktop, web, and mobile in English, with additional languages coming soon. 



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