Addmaster aids Asda push for more hygienic trolleys

Following a rapid development programme, the Stafford-based company’s Biomaster antimicrobial, polymer mixes are now being built into Asda supplier and shop equipment specialist Wanzi’s Shield Master product.

Already in action on Birmingham Airport’s trolleys, Addmaster, which has won several Queen’s Awards, is also working with the aviation sector trialling virus protection for aircraft cabins, security trays, seats, walls and arm rests. 

Known for its versatility, Biomaster can be incorporated at the manufacturing stage, applied to existing surfaces or sprayed on to textiles.  


The company’s additives, which include counterfeit detection technology for brands, are used in the plastics, paper, paint and coatings industries. 

Manufacturing carried out by UK partners under conditions of strict secrecy to protect the formulae. 

Covid has accelerated demand and the business, which exports 70 per cent of output, has seen sales rise 56 per cent and expects a £7 million turnover for 2020.


“Hygiene is now front and centre of business thinking. Regular cleaning is vital but we are a powerful ally,” says chief executive Paul Morris, who founded the company 20 years ago to help the medical sector combat MRSA infections.

“Silver ions in Biomaster deactivate viruses reducing cross-contamination risks,” he adds. “This approach has been successfully tested to protect against Novovirus and feline Coronavirus and we believe it will work on Covid-19. But there is yet to be an approved test developed for this latest virus.”     

In the last five years has also been developing solutions in the transport sector with the likes of Transport for London, HS2 and the automotive industry.


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