Activist calls for resignation of Macomb prosecutor after Robert E Lee tribute on Facebook – FOX 2 Detroit

A Metro Detroit community activist wants Macomb Prosecutor Pete Lucido to step down.

He is one of the many outraged after Lucido’s office posted a birthday tribute to Confederate General Robert E. Lee on social media.

“This man has given a slap in the face to Civil Rights, and to everybody that’s stood up against hate and discrimination,” said Rev. WJ Rideout.

The controversial social media post was days after Lucido’s office posted happy birthday to Civil Rights icon — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on its Facebook page.

The General Lee post has since been deleted.

Usually, the prosecutor doesn’t shy away from a camera, but this time, Lucido sent only a statement which said his communications manager typically posts about current affairs.

On Thursday, the office believed this post about General Lee with a quote on the cruelty of war was appropriate.

Lucido’s statement then says in part: “Unfortunately, the greater context of Robert E. Lee, his support of the Confederate states, relationship to our shameful slave history, and the hurtful nature of commemorating him to many in our community, was not considered. I understand such a post was inappropriate.”

“He needs to be removed out of office. He needs diversity training,” Rideout said.

FOX 2: “Rev. Rideout, one more time I just want to make sure I heard you properly. You want Pete Lucido removed from office?”

“Absolutely,” Rideout said. “I think Pete should resign.”

Rideout, who marched against the General Lee statue in Virginia — says he’ll continue to hold Lucido accountable for this post.

“For something like this, it doesn’t show that he’s representing justice and equal opportunity for everyone,” he said.

Rideout says that includes Macomb County’s Black communities.

Prosecutor Pete Lucido did apologize for the Robert E. Lee post, and says he doesn’t endorse the Confederate general.

He promises his office’s Black History Month posts in February will get the proper attention. 



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