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TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine a world where accountability can be summoned from your mobile device. Private investigators or ‘sources’ as they are called on the gotEM platform, are turning this science fiction into reality.

Originally founded as MeetMySpy and created as a traditional marketplace for individuals in precarious circumstances, the investigations marketplace was a step-up in convenience to reaching out to private investigators on-demand.

“The types of investigations over the platform are often a topic of interest,” said Justin Bagan, who is Director of Content at gotEM. He further cited that they’ve received cases ranging from petty disputes, marital issues, to serious investigations relating to corruption, fraud, kidnapping, even murder.

The crowdsourced investigations platform is vying to become the world’s first mediation avenue aimed at providing social justice by crowdsourcing for information and evidence. The team is attempting to provide recourse, justice and transparency in a not so transparent post 20s’ digital decade.

Not only subject to use by ordinary citizens but one which governments can also levy resources from explained gotEM’s CEO, Tawei Chang. Their ambitions go further in that they believe non-governmental organizations will come to depend on their ecosystem to crowdsource for their humanitarian missions.

The platform maintains its payments, escrows, voting and feedback onto the Ethereum blockchain to provide transparency. All of these functions are governed by a handful of Ethereum centric smart contracts which enable its users to crowdsource for global investigations and even humanitarian assistance.

With ambitions to pivot their service within the blockchain industry, especially within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, their team believes that cryptocurrencies is the space where transparency is desperately needed.

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Their plans include unleashing their native token GTX into the crypto ecosystem for public trading. Unlike many crypto startups that launch a token without a use case, gotEM is different in that regard because their token has fundamental and intrinsic utility.

Its reserve tokens would be used over a private Ethereum blockchain to execute smart contracts between users and detectives. Its native tokens that are released into the wild can be held for node staking, so to further decentralize the platform’s aspects and functions within their investigative ecosystem.

The investigations platform has opened discussions with several digital asset trading platforms including Probit Exchange of South Korea, Hoo Exchange of Hong Kong, China, and MXC Matcha Exchange of Singapore. They have plans to list their native token onto these exchanges in December of 2020 amongst several others within 2021.

Aside from listing, they are in preparations to launch a crowdsale. Tawei Chang made clear the relevance of executing a crowdsale and explained that all utility tokens need to have a healthy amount of liquidity when going to market. Market capital is the lifeblood of any token or currency, in that it provides competitive liquidity to support demand and supply.

All funds from their crowdsale will be going directly onto both decentralized and centralized exchanges to provide for liquidity, market capital and market making.

They have publicly announced a launch date between the 25th and 27th of November, 2020 for their crowdsale.

Media Contact

Company: gotEM LLC
Contact: Rose Zhang, Executive Assistant
Telephone: +886 07-3333266
Address: 14th Floor, No. 502, Section 2, Ren’ai Road, Linkou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
E-mail: contact@gotem.io
Website: https://gotem.io

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