A Single Grain Can Tip the Retail Scale: Should You Go for Madix, Streater, or Lozier Shelving?

A Single Grain Can Tip the Retail Scale:

When it comes to buying shelving for your retail store, making the right decision is incredibly important. With Covid-19 making it harder than ever to keep a business afloat, every seemingly unimportant decision, such as purchasing shelving, can affect your success. Investing in shelving for your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. Take the time to research the brand, style, design, price, and quality that will best fit your retail business, especially if you have a lot of merchandise.

Consider Used Shelving for Your Business

A great way to save money that you can funnel elsewhere in your business is by purchasing used shelving. For instance, let’s say you want Lozier shelving. Buying them new can be extremely expensive and cost thousands of dollars. Instead, check out the used Lozier shelving. Many people think that used stands for low quality, but that’s not true. All used shelving is meticulously inspected for quality control purposes. Buying pre-owned saves a lot of money compared to buying new. Besides, it helps the environment by recycling instead of buying new and wasting money and resources.

Benefits of Buying Used Shelving

The most obvious advantage of buying used is saving money, especially with the cost of running a retail business increasing higher and higher. Used shelves are a fraction of the cost of new shelves. Another benefit is getting an excellent value for a relatively low price-; all used shelving is checked to ensure they are strong and sturdy. Even if the shelves have a few dings or dents, a new coat of paint will make them look brand new again.

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Another benefit of buying used shelving is that they’re much easier to install because they’re already fully assembled, so they ship much faster, too. Buying new shelves means waiting for a manufacturer to custom build the specific size you need. With efficient installation and rapid delivery, your business will get up and running much faster, which means you can start making money sooner than later.

Madix vs. Streater vs. Lozier Shelving

The next decision is what brand will best fit your merchandise needs. Three of the leading shelf brands are Madix, Streater, and Lozier, all of which offer high-quality retail shelving. Though they might look identical to the untrained eye, there are subtle differences between them.


Madix shelving comes with a base shelf that locks into a vertical position. The vertical shelf has the size and height stamped up towards the top and the depth stamped on each end bracket. There’s also the Madix logo stamped on the metal end cover and top spanner. The Madix brand is immediately identifiable by the round perforations in their shelving and the vertical base shelf.


Streater shelving has the distinctive characteristics of diamond-shaped perforations and a textured paint finish. They are the largest of the three at 38,” and every shelf has the Streater logo and depth stamped on the brackets. Another feature of Streater shelves is their lack of an end cover and a thinner upright channel than those on the Madix and Lozier shelves. 


Lozier shelving is available at a minimum of 36″ and taller, raised in increments of 6″ at a time. They also have round perforations and metal end caps. Unlike Madix shelving, the base shelf doesn’t lock into a vertical position, but their company logo can also be found stamped on the metal end cover. Lozier shelving is one of the most well-known and commonly purchased shelving brands available on the retail market today.

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Buying Used Shelving is a Great Investment in Your Retail Business

If you’re the owner of a retail store, buying used shelving is an excellent way to invest in your business. Many owners choose between Madix, Streater, or Lozier shelving, as they’re the three most well-known brands and are of excellent quality. Buying used shelving saves money, and they ship faster than buying new since they arrive already assembled. Buying new takes time and costs thousands of dollars, which could be funnelled elsewhere in your business. Consider purchasing used shelving to make a smart investment in your business. 


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