A sensuous pleasure: Smelling dhup

The sheer sensuous pleasure of inhaling the fragrant tendrils of dhup, or incense, wafting through a room is a supremely happy-making experience that can be enjoyed in the ‘everyday’. The aromatic resin on a stick may have traditional and religious/spiritual connotations. But what it really is, is a unique aromatic installation art that resides in the world of making one’s surroundings beautiful.

As the delicate strands of smoke meander through the air, they carry with them a cluster of scents that evoke beauty and tranquillity – the aromatised version of meditating on an oil painting or listening to Bismillah’s shehnai. The warm, earthy notes of sandalwood or the sweet embrace of jasmine mingle with the air, creating an experiential bubble. The act of inhaling these aromatic nuances can be a moment of solace, a breath of beatific air.

In a world filled with constant stimuli, savouring the fragrant essence of dhup provides a well-chosen pause, inviting you to connect with your senses and the here and now. It is a reminder that beauty can exist invisibly, inaudibly, in the delicate dance of scented smoke.


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