A little shake-up in business hours?

It’s a fact of life that business hours dictate our daily dance. Perhaps it’s high time for a bit of a comedic remix. Picture this: opening hours that sync with the cosmic alignment of everyone’s caffeine intake. After all, who on Earth can focus before the third cup of coffee kicks in? Let’s get HR to call it the ‘No Grumpy Mornings Act‘. Then, in keeping with the Narayana Murthy scheme of shaking things up, instead of the robotic 9-to-5, businesses could open at the universally accepted hour of ‘Fashionably Late O’Clock‘. West Bengal is already a trailblazer here.

Closing time? Why not synchronise it with the latest Netflix series finale? Let’s be honest: productivity plunges when everyone’s mind is wandering to successive episode of Succession. The ‘Binge-Worthy Business Hours Amendment‘ would revolutionise the concept of productivity. Why stop there? Introduce a mandatory siesta break to recharge those creative juices. We could call it the ‘Nap-and-Nosh Initiative’. A well-timed power nap may be the secret sauce for groundbreaking ideas. Punctuality being overrated, and meetings attended with fluffy office pets, reimagine the drudgery of business hours into a laugh-out-loud sitcom where flexibility rules – and the only strict rule is to bring your funny game face on. After all, laughter is the best pharma stock going.


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