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Different cities are vying for a coveted pandemic title: the next Silicon Valley.

By all accounts, there are two definitive frontrunners. Texas and Florida have both pulled ahead, as tech tycoons and venture capitalists alike announce their intentions to pack their bags and head to warmer pastures.

In Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez has been actively trying to lure Silicon Valley mainstays to Miami, chiming in on Twitter threads and indicating that he’d be happy to talk to some of the bigger names contemplating a change. It seems to be working: Heavyweights like Peter Thiel are coming to town.

The exodus from Silicon Valleyor lack thereof — is well-documented. It’s just one of the myriad changes the coronavirus pandemic has prompted. And some of those making a move have retained their northeastern or San Francisco homes, meaning it may end up being a seasonal or temporary move.

But Florida has earned a special distinction. It is hosting some of Wall Street’s hottest relocations — and perhaps America’s most controversial family. Former president Donald Trump is now settled at Mar-a- Lago, skipping President Joe Biden’s inauguration and heading straight down the coast. Several members of his family may be joining him.

Here are some of the most powerful figures who have recently decamped to the Sunshine State.


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