A lesson in putting people before parties and profit | Letter

I set up Volunteer Riders UK to prevent as many families as possible going through the pain of loss that I felt losing my brother. Volunteer Riders has managed to deliver more than 10m pieces of PPE and equipment to medical staff on the frontline. The equipment has also been distributed among communities, and in private homes, schools and workplaces. We did that with people sewing, printing and manufacturing the products.

We provided all this for not a penny. We put people before any money, reward or business.

We not only provided supplies to those working on the Covid frontlines, we also listened to them and counselled them. We sought no titles or contracts, just the knowledge that we were doing what was moral and humane. We held no parties, no business meetings and no celebrations.

We, like so many others, did what was right in a global crisis, unlike the Tory government and its donors. This is why I am beyond angry and why I want the prime minister and his cabinet held to account, along with every person who profiteered and partied with them.
Simon Jones
Founder, Volunteer Riders UK

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