74% Of American Drivers Say Electric Cars Are The Future – They Just Don’t Buy Them – Carscoops

Electric and electrified vehicles represent a small fraction of the overall market, but a new study suggests 74% of consumers consider them the “future of driving.”

The Harris Poll, conducted on behalf of Volvo USA, asked 1,510 drivers their opinion about electric vehicles as well as their benefits and challenges. Unsurprisingly, most drivers mentioned range anxiety (58%) and low availability of charging stations (49%) as their top concerns.

Of course, there are also ways to improve the likelihood that consumers will purchase electric vehicles. The number one factor was more charging stations (61%), followed by having EVs priced the same as conventional vehicles (57%). Price concerns also took the third spot as it appears consumers have gotten used to government incentives (41%).

As for current EV owners, 51% of those surveyed said they typically recharge their vehicle at home. That figure also means people use public stations nearly half the time.

This is unfortunate, as many EV owners said public charging stations aren’t reliable (61%) and using them is a time consuming process. To fix the latter, 48% want a quick charge option while others want charging stations at coffee shops and gyms where they can spend quality time while their vehicle is topping up its batteries.

The study also revealed owners thought having a positive impact on the environment is the top benefit of electric vehicles. They also believe driving an EV has a greater impact than recycling.

While the study isn’t exactly earth shattering, many EV owners consider themselves to be car enthusiasts. Out of the study group, 38% of EV owners claimed to be enthusiasts, while just 24% of other drivers said they considered themselves as such. Kind of challenges some of our preconceptions about EV drivers’ attitude, doesn’t it?

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