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Picture this: You’re tossing and turning in bed and you look over to read a clock that displays 3:00 AM. You’ve spent the whole day trying to study for a test, and now you’re lying awake and nervous.

If this scenario sounds like a reoccurring theme in your life, you may be in need of a little white noise. Check out this list of white noise apps for the iPhone and see how much relaxation has changed since your parents’s bedside white noise machine.

1.Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Sometimes one audio effect or guided meditation simply isn’t enough to drown out distractions while you try to sleep.

The real world is complex and therefore it is natural to be comforted by multiple white noise effects. This app allows you to play a bedtime story or a guided meditation alongside multiple nature effects or white noise clips. This means that your bedtime story featuring a relaxing and peaceful journey can be accompanied by comforting waves and healing tunes.

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The app itself offers a whimsical and child-like innocence with beautifully drawn imagery. Both the audio and visuals within this application will guide you toward relaxation. The premium version offers an expanded library.

Download: Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds (Free, in-app purchases)

2. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

This white noise app is extremely user friendly and provides a large library of calming noises and sounds.

The app is designed for use by both adults who are personally struggling with sleep issues as well as babies who are struggling with a proper sleep schedule. Decent sleep is essential for both parent and baby to guarantee a good start to the day. Without it, small issues can become overwhelming and the day can quickly spiral out of control.

This white noise app—with its list of nature, spa, and meditation sounds—can help give you a more rested approach to life.

Download: White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds (Free, subscription available)

3. Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

Sleep Sounds has a much more limited library than some of the other listed white noise apps, however, it still offers some features worth mentioning. This is a perfect basic white noise app if you don’t want a lot of fancy features. The app offers extremely high-quality audio.

Although there are only around 10 noises included in the free version, it offers some of the most commonly utilized white noise effects, such as a rainforest, gentle rain, and beach waves. With the premium app, you can purchase sound mix packages to add additional audio clips to the sound list.

Download: Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow (Free, premium version available)

4. Tide

Although it is less popular than some of the other listed sleep aid apps, we wanted to include Tide for its absolutely stunning user interface. This app is equally as calming and beautiful as the white noise experience it provides. The sheer beauty in the design of this app provides you with a relaxing experience that is sure to transfer into your sleep patterns.

In addition to functioning as a white noise machine, Tide also offers users other functions to help them maintain their schedule such as study timers, meditation, and breathe modes as well as a daily journal to help you monitor your progress. Sleep and productivity work alongside one another, hand in hand.

Download: Tide (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. myNoise

The following app focuses directly on sound quality. Instead of offering you multiple random sounds to help block out distractions while working or sleeping, myNoise has decided to focus on including only the best audio clips.

The app begins with a personal calibration in order to test your current quality of hearing. As people age, their hearing quality diminishes, however, this app adjusts the pitch and volume to ensure that every user has the optimal sound experience.

After calibration, users can select from a wide array of noise blockers and play them individually or simultaneously in order to create the perfect white noise symphony.

We suggest you use headphones for sleeping to hear these sounds in the best quality.

Download: myNoise (Free, in-app purchases)

6. Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best current music streaming platforms. It offers almost unlimited music content as well as performance videos and more. One of the best hidden features in Apple Music is the “Sleep” category, which holds an abundance of sleep aids such as white noise.

If you already subscribe to Apple Music, explore every white noise effect imaginable. This includes classic white noise machine frequencies, nature sounds, meditation music, and more. Although the choice selection is not as expansive as other white noise specific apps, Apple Music is still an amazing iPhone White Noise Machine that many are unaware they already pay for!

Download: Apple Music (Subscription required, free trial available)

7. Fan Noise Sleep Sounds

If you have become accustomed to the continuous noise blocker that is a bedroom fan, it can be nearly impossible to sleep without one. This app will help you to stay asleep with a comforting fan noise no matter where you rest your head at night.

This app is perfect for vacations, work trips, and camping holidays as it allows you to still feel comfortable at home regardless of the new background noise you are trying to drown out. You actually might need this app to sleep if you buy yourself one of the best quiet bedroom fans.

Download: Fan Noise Sleep Sounds (Free, in-app purchases)

Sleep Is Just the Start

Although escaping to a hidden tropical beach or rainy wooded campsite may be difficult, white noise apps on the iPhone allow you to turn your home into a dreamy retreat. Helping you to sleep through the night is only one of the many ways that these apps are utilized daily.

White noise apps are one of the best tools to assist with serious focus and even bedtime storytelling. Routine is the marathon of success. So once you’ve found your perfect white noise app, track your sleep improvements using the iPhone’s sleep tracking features.

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