7 unusual products on Norfolk's Facebook Marketplace – North Norfolk News

The social media giant introduced Marketplace in 2016 for users to buy and sell their new and used products and it has a very active following in Norwich and the surrounding area.

Here’s just seven of the wonderfully weird items for sale in the county right now.

1. Victorian brass cannon

North Norfolk News: The vintage brass cannon is selling for £60The vintage brass cannon is selling for £60 (Image: Reece Boast)

Starting with a bang, a vintage brass Victorian cannon is being sold near Hellesdon.

The antique is in used/good condition and selling for £60 – it could make for an explosive Christmas present.

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2. Chest of guitars

North Norfolk News: The guitar storage is selling for £200The guitar storage is selling for £200 (Image: Ben Bedingfield)

A chest of drawers from IKEA has been modified to store three bass guitars and it could be yours for £200.

The unit comes with three foam inlays and it can be collected from NR13 around Acle.

3. Pokémon cards worth £4,750

North Norfolk News: The Pokemon cards are selling for nearly £5kThe Pokemon cards are selling for nearly £5k (Image: Henry Taylor)

One seller in Norwich is parting with two Pokémon cards worth almost £5,000.

The super rare cards show Pikachu wearing ponchos that look like Gyarados and Magikarp and the cards are written in Japanese.

4. Double-decker bus telephone 

North Norfolk News: The novelty phone is selling for £50The novelty phone is selling for £50 (Image: Alex Claughton)

Beep beep! A vintage novelty telephone in the shape of a Routemaster bus is being sold for £50 in Hethersett.

The owner has never actually used the phone so it is in good condition for any fan of London Transport memorabilia. 

5. 1952 British Army Helmet

North Norfolk News: The 1952 army helmet is selling for £10The 1952 army helmet is selling for £10 (Image: Alys Wyatt)

For just £10, this 1952 MK4 helmet shell could be perfect for any history buff in Norfolk.

The helmet has no lining or straps and is in used/fair condition in Mile Cross, Norwich.

6. Autoharp 9 Bar

North Norfolk News: The autoharp is selling for £50The autoharp is selling for £50 (Image: Richard Claxton)

An unusual instrument is for sale just outside of Norwich which was popular in the folk and country scene of the 1950s and ’60s.

An Autoharp 9 Bar in good condition is up for £50 – it comes with a tuning key and, thankfully, instructions on how to actually play the strange gizmo.

7. Unicycle

North Norfolk News: The unicycle is selling for £50The unicycle is selling for £50 (Image: Jill Freeman Bromwich)

Fancy a career in the circus? A unicycle is being sold from the Wroxham area.

The one-wheeled product is in good condition, has an adjustable seat and could be yours for £50.


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