7 Best Mobile Games You Can Play On Google Chromecast – Gizbot

Tower Construction 3D

Tower Construction 3D

In this game, you can enjoy building tall towers. The crane in the game moves back and forth and when it is in the apt position, you need to tap on the screen to ensure that the house falls just in place. With pieces after pieces, you can create your own tower in this game.

Scrabble Blitz

Scrabble Blitz is a different scrabble game. In Scrabble Blitz, you need to make as many words as you can with the letter given to you within a limited time frame. You can play this game with your friends. You can take advantage of Scrabble Blitz by scoring double and triple scores.

Monopoly Here & Now

Monopoly has been a game of interest for many for a long time. And now you get to ply the digital version of Monopoly that too in a bigger screen. In this game, you can either play against one of your friends or the computer.

Motion Tennis

If while playing a mobile game, you want to exercise the muscles of the arms, then Motion Tennis is the game for you. When played in Chromecast, you have to use your smartphone as a racket and swing it to hit the ball. To show you how much workout has been done by you while playing the game, it also comes with a calorie counter.

Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans is a twisted version of the tradition Rock, Paper, Scissor game. In the game, you will not only have to defend your village but will also have to destroy the village of your rivals. Any wrong decision will end up getting you to the bottom of the leaderboard. So, make a wise decision while playing Tricky Titans.


If you are into trivia category of the game, the QuizUp is just the game for you to play o the bigger screen. The game covers a wide range of topics from book to movies and sports to politics. You can play pre-made quizzes in the game, and if you have time, you can create your own quiz here. You also get to challenge people from all over the world in this game.


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the classic game of chess on a bigger screen? This is a very plain looking game which helps you to concentrate on making the right time. Because there are no flashy graphics, the battery of your smartphone doesn’t drain much. You can play this game either with your friends or any other player online.

Wrap Up

Playing games in Chromecast is an experience that you should surely have. Even though Chromecast is meant for video streaming, who says you can’t play a game here?



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