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Travelling can be one of the greatest joys in life and an exhilarating experience. While visiting or moving to a new place to experience the local culture, the sights and the people can be great, there are some challenges that arise with it. Such challenges include finding a trusted accommodation, getting around town in a safe way, booking tickets for an event and more. There are numerous travel tech startups that resolve such problems, and they are hiring! So, let’s have a look at some of the most exciting travel tech startups in London that are hiring in 2019.

The Plum Guide (Total funding: €26.3M)

Founders: Doron Meyassed, Alex Lee, Imran Arshed, Will Smith, Arif Meharali

Finding good accommodation in a city where you’ve never been before can be a daunting task. The Plum Guide makes this easier by offering personally vetted and tested properties in some of the best neighbourhoods, which can be rented for the duration of your stay. The company is also looking to scoop up some local talent and you can check out their career page here.

Zeelo (Total funding: €6.9M)

Founders: Daniel Ruiz Giménez, Sam Ryan, Barney Williams

While visiting a new place, it can be difficult to find safe and reliable ways to get around town. This is where the startup  Zeelo comes in. The company offers shared transportation services that can be booked via an app. Using data and AI, the startup claims it builds routes around its users to save them time while commuting. The company is looking to hire some people for new roles, which you can check out here.

Seatfrog (Total funding: €6.6M)

Founders: Ben Ient, Iain Griffin

Launched in 2014, Seatfrog provides a one tap service for users so that they can book seats for rail travel with ease. However, the company’s app also gives an opportunity to its users to upgrade or switch their seat, gain access to lounges, and more. With a total funding of €6.6m till now and firm valuation, as per Dealroom, between €21.35m to €32.03m, Seatfrog is a rapidly growing company to work for. You can check out their openings here.

Citymapper (Total funding: €45.5m)

Founder: Azmat Yusuf

Citymapper is an app and web based service that enables users to travel with ease in over 39 countries. The public transit app and mapping service makes use of open data, mobile and payments technology to integrate data for all urban modes of transport, which include walking, cycling and driving. You can check Citymapper’s career page here.

Duffel (Total funding:€23.9m)

Founder: Steve Domin, Thomas Bates, Vincent Pastor

The UK-based travel startup Duffel recently raised €19.2 million in its Series A funding round. The company says it is working on reinventing global travel booking systems for mobile and web travel companies but has refrained from revealing what it’s working on. The company is looking to hire some fresh talent that you can check out here

Culture Trip (Total funding: €93.6m)

Founders: Dr Kris Naudts

Culture Trip can be seen as a new way of travelling, which is based on something much more than some simple recommendations. The company has in-house creative and editorial teams that work with a global network of freelance creators to tell location-centred stories around the world. You can check the company’s careers page here

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