6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mac Faster

6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mac Faster

There are so many reasons, as to why you should clean your Mac. Whether it is to help you navigate your computer easily, stay organized, or speed up your Mac, decluttering is something you should practice doing frequently. If you are looking to free up some storage, stay organized and productive, below are some easy ways to help you declutter, faster. 

Clean Your Desktop

Almost everyone has something stored on the desktop. Seemingly, we all have a habit of saving almost everything there. This means it doesn’t take long for it to become a screen full of messy little icons. You can declutter your desktop by removing programs that you rarely use. It also helps to organize your files; you can choose to do it manually, or use Stack; a tool that helps organize the items on your desktop into neat stacks.

Find Similar Pictures and Delete Duplicate

Photos are a great way of preserving memories. Sadly, they can impact on your computer’s memory. Most times you find yourself with similar photos that you don’t need. Simply declutter by deleting similar pictures and those that are fuzzy, blurry, and cannot be used. As you clean up your photos, make sure to do the same with the videos as well. It will help recover space for other functions.  

Manage Your Storage

Another easy way to declutter your mac is to use a built-in tool. To reduce clutter, open the Apple menu on the top left, select About this Mac, and then select the Storage tab. Click on Manage; Check the items on the sidebar and remove what is unnecessary. 

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Delete Old Bookmarks

After doing a quick check, you might be surprised that you are holding on to bookmarks whose websites no longer existWell, bookmarks are handy, but some of them are just clutter. Identify the ones you use and delete those you don’t. On your Mac Open Safari, go to the Bookmarks menu and choose Edit Bookmarks. While there, Right-click on the items you don’t need and remove them. 

Uninstall Unused Apps

You should make it a habit of letting go of things such as apps that you don’t need. To see what is consuming your storage, simply click on the Apple logo in the top left, then choose the about this Mac option. Click on the Storage tab as you wait for it to calculate. You will see the different bars and a representation of how much space they are taking. Proceed to uninstall those apps that are redundant. Doing this not only frees space but also improves the performance of your computer. 

Clear Cache and Cookies

Another great way of Decluttering your Mac is practicing browser hygiene. Good browser hygiene involves clearing your cache and cookies. With time, your browser might get overloaded with the extra scripts and the small pieces of data stored in your browser after visiting a site. These overloads eventually slow down your browser and computer. It is therefore recommended that you clear the caches and cookies regularly to free up space.

Final Thoughts

System Clutter is a common problem resulting from the high usage of your Mac. Just like any other machine, it is important to occasionally clean it up to aid better functionality. Beyond the destruction caused by the disorganized files to storage issues, too much clutter causes inefficiency and hinders your productivity. Luckily, this doesn’t need to happen if you practice some of the tips discussed above. 

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