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Facebook Messenger turns ten years old and celebrates it with new functions that you can use from today.

Facebook is celebrating the Messenger 10th Anniversary, your independent instant messaging service from the social network. And for this, he has decided load up the app with a handful of new features that users of the platform will be able to start using very soon.

In total they are five new features coming to Facebook Messenger. Some of them can be used from today.

Facebook celebrates Messener’s 10th anniversary by loading the messaging service with new features.

Everything new coming to Facebook Messenger

The news in question will begin to reach Facebook Messenger, both on iOS and Android. To ensure that you can use them, all you need to do is download the latest available version of the application.

According to Facebook, the news is aimed at make users feel closer to family and friends. Therefore, they have been introduced games, tools and more options that we see next:

Poll games

The polls in Messenger chats go further, giving the possibility of create games using this function.

Facebook suggests, for example, the possibility of creating games like “Most likely to” in the group chats of family and friends thanks to these new surveys.

5 new features you'll see on Facebook Messenger

Birthday gifts using Facebook Pay

Although it is a function that will only be available in the United States at first, it is possible that sooner or later0 it will end up reaching the rest of the regions.

Thanks to Facebook Pay, it will now be possible to send money in the form of birthday gifts through Messenger chats.

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The shipment will be made in a spatial manner, since the message will be “wrapped” in wrapping paper, and the receiver will see balloons across the screen when you decide to open it.

New birthday features

Continuing with the birthday theme, Facebook has introduced a new topic to chats, as well as a sticker pack to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the platform.

New features continue with a Augmented reality birthday effect, a birthday song using Soundmoji, and new effects for messages.

New birthday background on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now includes new birthday themes.

Sharing contacts is now easier

Facebook Messenger includes the option to share Facebook contacts for some time now. On this occasion, the company has introduced a form to do it more easily, accessing the chat settings panel and tapping on “Share contact”. As simple as that.

The effects of words arrive

Although this function will be the last to arrive, it will probably be one of the most used by users.

It is about the possibility of apply custom effects to specific words in chats. Thus, when one of those words is sent, the chosen effect for all chat participants.

5 new features you'll see on Facebook Messenger

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