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Startups are laying their track to succeed in the ever-competitive market by capitalizing on these four thriving technologies.    

FREMONT, CA: As emerging technologies consistently boost the existing business efficiency and help organizations tackle the digital age challenges, the budding startups and small businesses also take advantage of technology-driven solutions to set a strong position in the highly competitive market. Startups, influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, cloud computing, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and many other technologies, experience a new era for business expansions.  The digital-savvy customers demand unique products and services for their unique problems that encourage the entrepreneurs to develop smart business models and achieve business success by addressing their customer needs.        

1. Artificial Intelligence 

In recent years, numerous startups have rapidly gained popularity for delivering excellent AI-based business solutions and services. The budding companies use artificial intelligence as a core element in their business products and services development process. The new companies make use of AI-driven insights to build proactive business management models, monitor assets performance, execute predictive analysis for high-value outcomes, and empower the workforce across their organization. The AI-based business strategies and offerings by the startups attract investors and increase partners pool across different geographies.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain, the dominant technology, has encouraged many entrepreneurs to start their own tech-driven businesses, as blockchain’s decentralization and distribution benefits allow the new organizations to explore various possibilities for business development. Startups based on blockchain technology majorly focus on delivering services for financial institutions and security providers. The sophisticated algorithms of the technology help entrepreneurs develop new transaction methods and drive dispersed data structure that manages electronic cash movements. Blockchain helps small business professionals in ethical sourcing and avoiding counterfeit parts to maintain transparency in the supply chain. Blockchain for small businesses enables the automation of the legal agreement processes and documentation through smart contracts, and also provide business identity protection with the encryption keys.

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3. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing the modern business world, AR and VR technologies have significant impacts on a wide variety of businesses; increased internal productivity and reduction of overhead are some of them. With tremendous business values, AR and VR also motivate the entrepreneurs to consider the right experience for their customers and let them make better business decisions.  AR and VR help small businesses achieve ultimate goals by digitalizing the means of face-to-face conversations and allow them to explain their strategies and concept with better options to the clients. The immersive experiences offered by these technologies help small businesses in capturing the audience’s attention and drive traffic to their websites or business events.

4. Cloud Computing

The big tech world for startups is not only challenging for business success but offers a better ability to present themselves as the future of the ever-evolving global market. Cloud computing has experienced rapid adoption in recent years and gained popularity as the most convenient platform to perform business operations. The seamless connectivity and secure information sharing features of the cloud help small businesses expand across the globe while offering their products and services more effectively. Startups’ operational infrastructures based on cloud services help them save investments for setting up physical offices in different locations, scaling resources up and down as needed, eliminating headcounts, and accelerating the offerings quickly into the market.

Innovations have contributed continuously to effective business operations, offerings, and idea development processes. Today’s startups create their core business models and work environment based on innovative solutions. The better productivity and performance of the tech-savvy startups continue to streamline business landscapes beyond competition, building a better world.  

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