18.2% rise in women enrolment in 5 years: Higher education survey reveals interesting facts

Enrolment of women in higher education has increased but their percentage share in professional courses is still lower than men, according to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2019-20. Scheduled Tribes and minorities still lag in overall enrolment and the Bachelor of Arts remains the most popular course, the report said.


  • Scheduled Caste students constitute 14.7% and Scheduled Tribes 5.6% of the total enrolment. 37% students belong to Other Backward Classes, 5.5% to Muslims and 2.3% to other minority communities
  • 92,831 persons with disabilities (PWD) are enrolled in higher education, of which 47,830 are men and 45,001 women. Women participation among PWD students is the highest in ST group with 119 women per 100 men, followed by SCs (78).
  • 49,348 foreign students from 168 different countries are enrolled in India. The highest number of students are from Nepal, followed by those from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sudan. B Tech, BSc, B.E popular courses among foreign students.


  • There has been an 18.2% rise in female enrolment from 2015-16 to 2019-20. The Gender Parity Index (GPI) in higher education rose to 1.01 in 2019-20 against 1.00 in 2018-19
  • The percentage share of men is higher than women at almost every level, except M.Phil, postgraduate and certificate courses. Women participation in professional courses is lower in comparison to academic courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Share of women is the lowest in Institutions of National Importance, followed by Deemed University-Government, State Private University. Distance enrolment constitutes about 11.1% of the total enrolment
  • The man-woman ratio is similar among all social groups. In case of OBCs, its 50.5: 49.5. There are more women students than men among minorities.


  • About 79.5% of the students are enrolled in Undergraduate programmes and just 0.5% in PhD courses
  • Maximum numbers of students are enrolled in BA courses, followed by B.Sc. and B.Com
  • UG level: 32.7% of students are enrolled in Arts, Humanities/Social Sciences courses, followed by 16% in Science, 14.9% in Commerce and 12.6% in Engineering and Technology
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  • Maximum students are enrolled in Social Science stream and Science comes next
  • The share of Ph.D. student is the highest in State Public University at 29.8%, followed by Institute of National Importance at 23.2%, Deemed UnivPrivate at 13.9% and Central Univ at 13.6%
  • Enrolment in professional courses is more in private institutions than in government, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels



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