100 years ago in Redlands: Yucaipa prepares for October 1920 Apple Festival – Redlands Daily Facts

Sept. 27, 1920

Yount home from Olympics

William Yount, Redlands’ crack athlete, arrived home this afternoon after his little jaunt to foreign lands as a hurdler. Bill had a wonderful time and says that he did his very best, but that conditions were not right for him. The track was soft and could not have been in worse shape for him.

Yount went from Antwerp where he took part in the Olympic Games to Lille, France, where they had exhibition races. Three of the United States men took part in these and were given medals for their races.

In London Yount took part in a meet held there and ran the 440-yard hurdles. He took second in his heat, but did not win the finals. Only the first man was counted.

“The accommodations, as you have read, were terrible,” he said. “The committee certainly did not take good care of us They gave us bum places on the boat going over and every man lost a lot of weight. And the officials over there did not seem to pay any attention to protests of the American men. Jut the same we all had a dandy good time. I sure did enjoy myself.”

Bill is not in good condition. The hives he had in the east put him back and he lost so much weight that he could not recover.

He was asked if he intended to play football and his answer was emphatic.

“No, sir, I am not. I am fed up on training for I have been in intensive training for almost two years. Honest, I am all tired out and want to take it easy for a while.”

Editor’s note: William Yount, a 1917 graduate of Redlands High School and 1921 graduate of the University of Redlands, was later a coach at Redlands High School and a partner in Redlands’ Loge & Yount Ford dealership.

As September 1920 came to a close, members of the Yucaipa Woman’s Club, including some women from Redlands, were preparing for an Oct. 8 Apple Festival in Yucaipa. Note that by 1920 there was a paved road all the way from Redlands to Yucaipa. This ad ran Sept. 29, 1920, in the Redlands Daily Facts. (Redlands Daily Facts)

Sept. 30, 1920

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Yucaipa planning apple day Oct. 8

YUCAIPA — The local chamber of commerce is behind the project of the Yucaipa Woman’s Club looking toward the holding in this city of an Apple Festival. The ladies are working hard to get up an attractive exhibit of Yucaipa products, so that visitors may obtain some idea of what one of Southern California’s largest deciduous fruit growing regions produces.

Among other things they plan to give a real old-time chicken dinner noon and evening for one dollar, to sell some of Yucaipa’s best apples at a little less than retail prices, and fill up all who will buy with 24-hour cider made from real apples. There will be home-made jellies and canned fruit on sale, as well as fancy work and domestic utilities. All of this material, including the apples, will be donated by valley residents, and the profits form the sale will go toward the building of a clubhouse.

Like all other progressive towns, Yucaipa needs a clubhouse with an auditorium large enough for public gatherings of all kinds, distinct from any church or religious meeting house, and it is this need that the women plan to fill. The necessary ground is already owned by the club, and a big start made in financing by the recent donation of all lumber needed, made by J.W. Cruickshank in memory of Ms. Cruickshank, former president of the club.

A week before they headed out to Yucaipa for the 1920 Apple Festival, Redlanders could look forward to the reopening of the Empress Theatre. This ad ran Oct. 1, 1920, in the Redlands Daily Facts. Three days later, the Empress ran another ad announcing that the planned Oct. 3 opening had been postponed because of electrical trouble. (Redlands Daily Facts)

Sept. 30, 1920

Will reopen the Empress

The reopening of the Empress Sunday night will be of interest to the movie fans of Redlands. The new owners, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Pettingell, have entirely renovated the building, the decorative scheme making a distinct change in the appearance of the structure inside and out. Of especial importance is the installing of one of the celebrated “Blue Mirror” screens, of which it is said that a person may sit in the front row and see the picture perfectly. Another added feature is a pipe organ with an organist from Los Angeles to play it.

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The opening program Sunday night will include the famous spectacular melodrama “The Hope,” by Cecil Raleigh and Harry Hamilton. It is said to be one of the most spectacular efforts of many seasons, its big scenes including an earthquake in which the houses of a street in Italy are seen toppling into the earth and a skirmish between British troops and Afghanistan natives in the Khyber Pass, India, that is a marvel of realism.

The all-star cast interprets the photoplay with stirring effect. The decorative Jack Mulhall, as Harold Earl of Ingestre, wins most of the honors. He is a finished player, of romantic charm and virility. The “villain,” Captain Hector Grant, is played by Frank Elliott, who in the original production at the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane, was cast as the hero.

Oct. 2, 1920

Surprise last night for Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Rex

Coming as a genuine surprise to Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Rex and to many of their friends was the delightful entertainment given in their honor last evening by the members of the Sapphire Rebekah Lodge of the city. The affair was in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. Although members of the lodge knew that there would be a social at the Rebekah lodge rooms, only those in charge knew that there would be a reception for Mr. and Mrs. Rex.

The program of the evening, which was a most enjoyable one, was planned by Mrs. Jesse Simpson The feature, which evoked a great deal of laughter, was the mock wedding, the bride and groom supposed to be Mr. and Mrs. Rex 25 years ago. The bride, in reality, was Arthur Cortner, attired in dress and veil, and the groom was A.R. Bowen. They were married by George Murphy.

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Following this a love story was told by Mrs. Jesse Simpson, the hero and heroine supposed to be the honor guests. At the conclusion they were called to the front of the room to receive the congratulations of those present. As a token of appreciation for their work in the Redlands lodge they were presented with a half a dozen silver teaspoons.

Oct. 2, 1920

Yucaipa women working for success of festival

The plans for the apple day festival to be held at Yucaipa next Friday ae progressing rapidly. The different booths are in charge of efficient women, who are working strenuously to further the possibility of creating a memorial to their former president, Mrs. J.W. Cruickshank. Every woman is making a decided effort to make the undertaking a success.

Among the members of the Yucaipa club are a number of Redlands women who are greatly interested in the success of the festival also. Mrs. M.A. Dunham announced this morning that if there are those in this city who wish to help they may do so by contributing to the Utility Booth. They may make any of the following articles, aprons, children’s dresses, mats, bags, ironing board covers and holders. Such articles may be left with Mrs. Wheeler, 248 Cajon St., or at Chubb’s Pharmacy, before Friday.



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