10-month construction schedule planned for redoing Central Vista

NEW DELHI: The ambitious plan for the redevelopment of the Central Vista across 1,754,057 sqm after demolition of buildings in an area of 395,839 sqm will be completed in 10 months.

A 10-month construction schedule –– between February 1, 2021 and November 30, 2021 –– has been chalked out to ready it for hosting Republic Day 2022, the housing and urban affairs ministry has told the finance ministry in its proposal seeking financial go ahead for the project.

At the Expenditure Finance Committee/Public Investment Board meeting held on October 20, the ministry informed it was proposed to start work from February 1, 2021 –– that is, immediately after the Republic Day Celebrations 2021–– “so that the work can be completed before Republic Day Celebrations in January 2022”.

While the expenditure involved for the Republic Day parade cannot be quantified as yet, the ministry said after the implementation of this project, the time required for making arrangements for Republic Day will come down by a month.

The entire project will be completed in 15 months (3 months for planning and 12 months for execution). As per their timeline, tenders were to be awarded in the third week of October.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has recently announced a design contest for an ‘iconic structure’ of the Central Vista.

The project is currently caught in a Supreme Court hearing and also awaits full environmental clearance, no objection certificates from the Central Vigilance Commission, Heritage Conservation Committee, Delhi Fire Service, Delhi Urban Arts Commission, Delhi Pollution Control Committee and the Forest department.

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The redevelopment will involve an expenditure of Rs 608 crore and the urban affairs ministry proposes to meet it from its own budget grants as envisaged in the revised estimate for 2020-21 & budget estimate for 2021-22, it has said.

It has said that redevelopment was required to create a truly iconic structure that “befits India” and is a “world class tourist destination” with adequate civic amenities. It has also pitched that the project will generate employment of more than 5 lakh man-days.

CPWD is yet to submit its masterplan on tree cutting and transplantation but has assured the finance ministry that minimal tree cutting will be done. It said the project will be a “green one” which will increase green area from the existing 3,51,131sqm or 44.28% to 4,13,927 sqm or 52.8%.



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